Sunbury Middle School goes to only bidder

Sunbury Middle School goes to only bidder

SUNBURY– The Sunbury Middle School was sold to the highest — and only — bidder Saturday afternoon.  The real-estate of the old Shikellamy Middle School on Fairmont Ave, as well as items within the school were auctioned off.

The school and the  2.7 acres it sits on were auctioned off with a winning bid of $100,000 from Mark Walberg of Sunbury.  It wasn’t his first bid, though.  Walberg attempted to buy the property at $50,000, but the bid was denied.  He then bid at $75,000, but was again denied.  Finally, after a few minutes to think about it, Walberg upped the bid to $100,000 — and the property was his.

No word on what Walberg plans to do with the property.  Jeffery Dunkelberger was the auctioneer for the afternoon.  He later auctioned off the items inside the school.

Graydon Dunkelberger, of Dunkelberger Auctions, said, “We are selling anything from the band instruments that are here, the scientific equipment, shop tools, cafeteria items, all kinds of teaching aides to home etc. supplies and stoves, anything that’s not nailed down.”

Also with Dunkelberger Auctions, Olivia Zellers spoke about the price range of items within the school.  She said, “It varies, you can get things as low as a dollar to several hundred dollars.”

Proceeds from the auction go to the Shikellamy School District.  The district has plans to build a new middle school. (Sarah Lagerman/Codi Jade)




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