Sunbury poet to hold book launch

simmsSUNBURY — She is a Sunbury proponent and she shows it through her art. Poet Melanie Simms is about to release her second book, “Remember the Sun: Poems of Nature and Inspiration.”

Simms talks about what inspires her to write, “It is about the relationships between people that we have, and especially in Pennsylvania I have noticed. My father was in the military and I traveled a lot, so I had the opportunity to make observations and see cultural changes. One of the things that stands out about Pennsylvania, and I try to put in my poetry, is how we relate to one another. We are a real community.”

The collection of poems in the new book has all been published previously in magazines, newspapers and poetry journals says Simms, “Sunbury is one of the featured poems. I also have one called, Ode to a Lover on the Susquehanna. There was one that was just added into the book and it is called, Beauty and Magic at Barone.”

Simms and her publisher Sunbury Press will be holding a book launch Saturday, September 13 at the Hotel Edison. There will be copies of the books and Simms will be there to talk with the public. All are invited to the event, which will begin at 6:00p.m. (Sara Bartlett)




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