Police chief Stephen Mazzeo may be demoted



Sunbury police chief Stephen Mazzeo may be demoted


SUNBURY — There is word Friday night that Sunbury police chief Stephen Mazzeo has, or will be demoted. WKOK was contacted via email and Facebook by a local citizen with word that Chief Mazzeo received the news Friday, and an official announcement would come Monday. The person encourages supporters of the chief to come to Monday’s city council meeting.


Chief Mazzeo is not available tonight. Mayor David Persing told us he can not comment, and that Chief Mazzeo is off for two weeks on vacation. He said an announcement would come Monday at the council meeting, if not sooner.


The Caketown revitalization group circulated an email Friday encouraging supporters of the chief to attend the council meeting.  Below is the text of that email. Chief Mazzeo is a resident of the Caketown neighborhood.


Caketown Crimewatch members & friends, Late this afternoon, Steve Mazzeo met with Mayor Persing. He was notified that at the next City Council meeting, Mayor Persing plans to announce that Chief Mazzeo will be demoted from his position as Sunbury’s Chief of Police. If you are shocked by this news, please make your opinion known.


The City Council meeting will be held Monday May 12th at 6:15 on the second floor of the municipal building. Please plan to attend, and invite your friends. If you can’t be there, you can express your opinion by calling the Mayor’s office at 570-286-7820. Come out on Monday and show your support!


Newsradio 1070 WKOK is following this story and we will attend the Monday council meeting. Look for updated information posted at WKOK.com.

File phoe: WKOK.com. Mazzeo on right



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