Sunbury to release all information on former Celotex site

SUNBURY – Sunbury Mayor David Persing has instructed Councilman Joe Bartello to help create a timeline of facts for what has transpired at the former Celotex site, which is owned by Moran Industries. This week, the mayor’s office received another Right to Know request from a law firm for all correspondence found on a city-owned computer, in regard to the Moran site. There were also more accusations made about the procedure of the code office, regarding the site, at this week’s council meeting.


Sunbury Mayor David Persing said, “I guarantee nothing was done illegally. The bottom line is what was done, what wasn’t done and what should have been done. Instead of just sitting there arguing with people at council meetings, we are just going to put that in place. That’s the plan and we are just getting all of the facts together right now.”


One person in attendance at this week’s meeting was Drake Saxton, president of the Responsible Drilling Alliance. He claims the city has missed many steps at the site when Moran took over the property.


Saxton said, “The city codes require a storm water management plan. There apparently has never been an application for that. That is required before any dirt is turned and before there is any activity on the site. We can go all the way back to the time of demolition. The city did issue a permit to demolish the building, but there were other things that were not done that should have been done.”


Councilman Joe Bartello has been instructed to gather the information from the beginning of the development of the site to create a timeline. The goal is to have it complete for the April 22nd city council meeting. The mayor will meet with the entire code office staff next week in hopes of putting the documentation together. (Ali Stevens)




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