Sunbury voters nominate Persing again


SUNBURY — Sunbury Mayor David Persing will have the chance to stay on as mayor once again, he easily won in the republican primary over a political new comer Julie Broscious. Persing got 378 votes in the primary, Broscious got 200 votes.


On election day Tuesday, Persing talked about one of his main priorities, “We are doing an excellent job with our resurection of a redevelopment authority. We are addressing these homes that have been sitting by empty for years and years. The opportunity to rehabilitate these homes and tear some of them down and improve our neighborhoods is huge. We must continue to do that.”


Regarding his opponent Julie Brosius, Persing said it’s a shame with the internet and social media, voters can’t always decipher what is fact and what is fiction. Regarding the Sunbury Floodwall, Persing says despite what Brosius is saying, the floodwall is in excellent shape and residents are safe.


Brosius reportedly handed out a flier claiming the city’s flood protection system was compromised and that its safety certification could be revoked. The Sunbury Municipal Authority also set the record straight, saying her facts were not correct. You can read election results at (Ali Stevens)

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