Sunbury woman running for Mayor

SUNBURY — A Sunbury woman is running against Mayor David Persing in the primary on Tuesday. Republican Julie Brosius is currently employed in research at Geisinger Health System and lives in the city’s 5th Ward.


Brosius said, “I want the citizens to know that my platform is working together as a city. The talent and interests of the citizens in our community could bring about projects which would embrace our family life, community spirit and potentially develop avenues of promoting tourism.”


She gave some detailed plans she would implement if selected for the job. Brosius said, “I think a qualified adminstrative manager should be hired to impliment efficient financial management of the $4-million-a-year business of the city, with the day to day operations of this office to be determined by my administration. I would also like to see if budget funds would permit hiring a drug enforcement officer and a detective for the Sunbury Police Department.”


Brosius said elected officials must be accountable to the community they serve and feels the current administration appears to think otherwise. She said, “Too often your vote has been devalued by them loing sight of the oath they swore, and of their responsibility to all our citizens, and not just to a priviledged few.” You can learn more about Julie Brosius on her website at (Ali Stevens)




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