Sunbury’s first new home in 10 years to be auctioned

SUNBURY – Mayor David Persing will put on his auctioneer hat Saturday… as the first new home in Sunbury in a decade will be auctioned off. The new home is at 202 Washington Avenue and the starting bid is expected to be $100,000.


Persing said, “There are not a lot of building lots available so we’ve created one by the demolition of this home before that. Now we’re putting a brand new one up. It will be the first of, what I hope to be many, sales that the city is going to have.”


Persing said they got a redevelopment grant to pay for demolition of the previous structure and the building of the new home, so proceeds from the sale will go to the Redevelopment Authority. Persing hopes next year, a similar project can be done.


An open house is set for Friday from 4 to 7 p.m. and bidding begins Saturday at 10 a.m. The home is about 2,100 square feet and features 1 and half baths, stainless steel appliances, two gas furnaces and a large basement. (Ali Stevens)




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