Supporting the arts in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG– The Lewisburg Arts festival took place Saturday in downtown Lewisburg. The festival, put on by the Lewisburg Arts Council, features dance and musical ensembles, arts and craft stands, and of course, local food vendors.

George Chamberlin, of Lewisburg, talked to us about why he attends the festival, and says ” Mostly the food and the crafts, there are a lot of neat things. Mothers day and fathers day is coming up so I’m keeping my eye out for any interesting things.”

Art vendors lined Market Street and consisted of woodworking, pottery and jewelry booths. Food vendors were located at Hufnagle Park and served everything from seafood to tacos and even crepes.

Many local artists and business owners flock to the festival to sell their products. Sarah Baker, a stoneware artist from Bloomsburg spoke about being a vendor, and says ” This is a great festival, attendance is wonderful the quality of work is very good. It’s so easy to do, you drive up, you unload and set up your work, she says. “At the end of the day you drive up, put everything in your car and drive away. It’s very simple and the people who run the show are very nice,” adds Baker.

The Lewisburg Arts Festival was a day full of fun, art, and live entertainment. The next event put on by the Lewisburg Arts Council will be “Lewisburg Live!” taking place on May 10th. It’s an eight band music festival held throughout the downtown. (Sarah Lagerman)




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