Susquehanna River sampling plan is released


HARRISBURG — The DEP says they are continuing intensive efforts to study and sample dozens of locations in the Susquehanna River basin throughout 2013, including Sunbury. The work includes analysis of water quality, water flow, sediment, pesticides, hormones, invertebrates, fish and other areas. The DEP says they will focus on areas of the river or its tributaries where smallmouth bass reproduce.


DEP Secretary Mike Krancer said, “The actual cause or causes of the issues we have seen with the smallmouth bass have not yet been determined or linked to any particular water quality issue, but DEP is dedicated to find the answer.”


The agency’s sampling efforts will be focused on sites along the Susquehanna at Sunbury, Marietta in Lancaster County, City Island in Harrisburg and along the Juniata River at the Lewistown Narrows and Newport. Samples of fish, mussels and mayflies will be collected.


For more information on the studies, go to and click on “Susquehanna River Study Update”. (Ali Stevens)




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