Tax increases may balance Shikellamy budget

SUNBURY—The Shikellamy School District could soon impose more taxes on residents. The school board met Thursday to discuss the impending budget approval and agreed that tax increases in the district could help to decrease the $893,000 deficit. Superintendent Pat Kelley said there is still time to avoid new taxes.

“There’s plenty of time to balance the budget. We gave the school board a recommendation and they have the opportunity to go back and alter any of the recommendations in any way they see fit.”

Other sources could help balance the budget. If the district cannot make enough cutbacks, the school board could pull from emergency funds to alleviate the substantial deficit. Kelley said that the state approved Act 1 could limit the district from taxing residents enough to cover expenses.

“It’s a good law to prevent districts from overtaxing and once you apply the index and you don’t get that tax revenue, you lose it forever. And that’s why I said if you don’t tax $100,000 this year it becomes $200,000 next year.”

Final budget approval is set for June, but the school board has alot to discuss before then. Admidst talks of a new middle school, tax increases and a new community foundation could help generate revenue for the district and prevent deficits for years to come. (Carrie Haines)

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