Taxes may go up in Northumberland County

Taxes may go up in Northumberland County


SUNBURY – Taxes could go up higher than expected in Northumberland County in 2013. Northumberland County Commissioner Vinny Clausi outlined a four-year financial plan in August for the county that included a 2.5 mill tax increase. However, Clausi said the financial picture is bleaker than expected. They are now facing a dramatic rise in health insurance costs for county workers.


Clausi says insurance for workers will go up by about $1.9 million Clausi said they cut $5.5 million in payroll and they still have the same problem. He says they cut the budget by $30 million and are still short. Discussion is underway to possibly raise taxes beyond the 2.5 mills. He is warning the taxpayers next year that taxes could go up again. Clausi said the county could be in financial straits two to three years because of this. (Ali Stevens)



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