Teaching kids even younger about bullying

SUNBURY – There is a new effort underway to teach children as young as 2, 3 and 4 about bullying and the dangers associated with it. The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way has a new effort called “Nice Never Hurts”, where children in preschool are taught valuable lessons about how to treat others and how to prevent bullying.


Keri Albright is CEO of the United Way. She said, “This curriculum for 2, 3 and 4-year-olds teaches them about empathy, how people feel when they are sad, about kindness and how to express their emotions, and how to be a bystander. When they see someone being picked on or bullied, what do you do as a bystander? All of those behaviors can be taught at home, but sometimes they are not.”


Albright says the curriculum selected is called Second Step. She said, “It comes with picture cards, language to be used, explanations on how to implement the curriculum and then how to reinforce the curriculum all day long.”


The United Way is hoping to implement the program all across the Valley to get kids started on these lessons at a younger age. Businesses or individuals can sponsor a curriculum for $300, help with cost of training for $150, or give any amount towards a kit or training. The full cost of a kit and two-year implementation is $750. For more information on becoming a sponsor, call 988-0993. The program will be implemented at childcare facilities in Northumberland, Snyder and Union Counties. (Ali Stevens)




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