Telephone scammers targeting the area

WATSONTOWN — Use caution when answering your phone — Watsontown Police say telephone scammers are targeting our area.


Officers say they’ve been receiving several reports of a scam that involves a caller with an accent saying you’ve won a large prize.  The caller then instructs the victim to buy prepaid cards, and says they will be at your house at a specific time.


If the victim refuses their request, the caller becomes more irate.  Victim’s have reported that after refusing to buy prepaid cards, the caller has threatened to come to the house or wait down the road for them.


In some instances, police say the callers have given specific information to make victims believe that they really are near.  Police say they have even called a store in Watsontown to intimidate employees into believing they were coming for the prepaid cards.  However, police say in all cases, the callers have not made good on any threats.


Watsontown Police strongly advise people to not give any personal information to anyone calling with such demands.  Simply hang up.  (Codi Jade)




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