The Affordable Care Act explained

SUNBURY — It may be a lot of information for some to take in, but two local professors are hoping to help members of the community understand the Affordable Care Act.  Brandon Green and Carl Milofsky are sociology professors at Bucknell University.  They say they aren’t advocating for Obamacare, they just want folks to be informed.


“What we do as sociologists and academics, is teach this stuff to students.  So we are in a process of understanding and explaining what is in the act and how it works.  Our feeling is that people in the community need information.  Part of the thing that we are careful about, is that there has been misinformation that has gone out to the public on a whole bunch of points, and we want to clear it up.”


Green said he was interested to learn that the act could be beneficial to more than the folks that formerly couldn’t afford insurance.  He said some 54% of medical depth is for people who already had health insurance, but went over their benefits cap. “These are not people who are uninsured, their insurance coverage was inadequate,” Green said.  “My understanding is that a number of the changes in the Affordable Care Act increase the lowest level of threshold from $1-million to $5-million.  So if you imagine you’re getting cancer treatments and they cost $30,000 a month, you could pretty quickly burn through that $1-million.  Even if you had a really good job and a good health insurance plan.”


Green and Milofsky were trained in Philadelphia and certified by the Pennsylvania Health Access Network to explain the Affordable Care Act.  You can attend one their informative sessions on October 21 at 6:30p.m. at the West End Library in Laurelton, or November 26 at 7:00p.m. at the Union County Public Library in Lewisburg.  They were guests on WKOK’s On The Mark program Monday.  You can download that program at  (Codi Jade)




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