The “American Pickers” are picking in PA

SUNBURY – It’s been confirmed, the “American Pickers” are picking in Pennsylvania.  Mike and Frank have been spotted numerous times in Northumberland County.  Sebastian Paul, an employee at Klinger’s Fuel in Dornsife, said the guys stopped in for gas around 7:00p.m. Friday night.


“They were real friendly,” Paul said.  “Mike came in and I said, you look like the guy from American Pickers.  He said that’s who he was.  I had an argument with him for a few minutes about who he was, because I didn’t believe him.  He was real cool about it, real friendly.  Then he went outside and brought Frank in.”


Paul said they didn’t say where they’ve been or where they were going, but they couldn’t hide their love for antiques even at the gas station.  “He told us we have a nice Coca-Cola clock hanging here in the office on the wall,” Paul said.  “Then, just a handshake and fist-bump and they were gone already.”


Paul said they didn’t make an offer on the old clock, but they did seem like they might be in a hurry to get picking and making offers somewhere nearby.


“American Pickers” is a documentary that follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz across the country as they search for antique treasures in junkyards and barns.  The show airs on the History Channel.


A spokeswoman for Cineflix Production, the producer of “American Pickers,” has confirmed that the crew is currently filming in Pennsylvania.  She said everything is confidential until after the episode airs on the History Channel, so the men cannot discuss where they are picking.  She did say we can expect to see the episode within 4 to 5 months after filming.  Until then, keep an eye out for the white “antique archaeology” van.   (Codi Jade)




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