The CSVT started advancing in Harrisburg


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Some key state senate lawmakers voted 13 to 1 Tuesday to move forward with one of Gov. Tom Corbett’s top priorities–a massive transportation plan. That plan includes funding for the CSVT. The plan may be considered by the full senate in June.


Tuesday, the state Senate Transportation Committee approved the $2.5 billion transportation bill. There is some hesitation; the Senate’s transportation funding bill is larger than what Corbett initially sought, and House Republican leaders are cool to the gas tax increase it includes.


The cap on the wholesale taxes will be lifted, so gas prices will rise by as much a quarter-per gallon according to some estimates. Vehicle registration, and license fees, along with traffic fines will all go up significantly.


The funding would repair 4,000 bridges and would help fund several large regional projects–including the CSVT, the so-called Shamokin Dam/Hummels Wharf bypass. That project would connect the Selinsgrove bypass with a new bridge at Winfield, as well as a Route 61 connector at the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in Shamokin Dam.







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