The Valley serves up free food and fellowship

SUNBURY — While many of us spent the morning preparing a Thanksgiving meal for family, some folks spent the past several days fixing enough food for a city.  But, according to Rhonda Fisher, the over 600 people she helped to feed today are family.


“I’ve been here since about 5:30a.m. this morning.  I was here myself with just one friend last night until 11:30p.m. preparing food.  Then I had to drive 45 minutes home just to turn around and get up again at 4:00a.m. this morning… but there is just no place I would rather be on Thanksgiving.


This is Fisher’s 14 year, and she believes they fed at least 685 people today.  “This year extremely warmed my heart.  We actually had more families here, so I gathered all the children to the front table and we gave them a teddy bear and a bible.  Those children held the bibles to their hearts and said ‘thank you for doing this for us.’  I mean, to hear that from an adult is heartwarming, but to hear it from a child is just really special.”


The Special Occasions Thanksgiving Dinner presented by Rhonda Fisher and Angels took place in Sunbury.  Fisher said the dinner was served at noon, and they continue to play bingo and give door prizes into the evening, until they run out of food and prizes.  Similar free meals were held all across The Valley, including All Saints Episcopal Church in Selinsgrove, Trinity United Methodist Church in Northumberland, and First Evangelical Lutheran Church in Watsontown.  Volunteers hope that no one had to go hungry for Thanksgiving. (Codi Jade)




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