Toomey urges Senate to abide by law

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) asked his fellow senators to abide by the law Thursday afternoon.  Toomey took the Senate floor to urge that the Transportation and Housing and Urban Development bill be returned to the Appropriations Committee.


Toomey said, “In the Budget Control Act — which again has been signed into law — it established spending caps.  Limits on discretionary spending in a modest effort to try to bring out of control spending somewhat under control.”


Toomey said it is important to keep promises and follow the law that was voted on in 2011.  “The bill that we are considering right now, the Transportation-HUD bill, puts us on a direct path to bust the caps.  To break the law.  To spend even more than the statutory limits that we put in place just two years ago,” he said.


Toomey offered a “motion to recommit” the THUD bill back to the committee to be reworked to fit under the budget caps.  After some pushback by fellow Senators, a vote was taken.  Toomey’s motion was approved by a vote of 56-42.  (Codi Jade)





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