Toomey works to keep second amendment intact

HARRISBURG — “Gun control is not the answer,” said Senator Pat Toomey (R-Harrisburg).  He held a press conference to introduce a provision to the bill currently on the senate floor, called “The Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act.”


Toomey said several terms on the current bill are deeply flawed and will infringe on second amendment rights.  He believes this act will be a good compromise.  “I don’t think trying to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals is gun control… I think its common sense,” he said.  “I don’t expect everyone to agree with me; part of our great system is that we encourage open debate.”


Toomey explained what some of the measures in this act would work to do.  He said, “It will expand background checks to purchases of firearms at gun shows and over the internet.  It would not require record keeping by private citizens.  It would also secure some measures that would help secure second amendment rights to law abiding citizens at the same time.”


Toomey is working with West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D- W.V.) on this amendment. You can find more information on the proposal at  (Codi Jade)




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