Transportation Secretary: CSVT will bring business statewide

MILTON – Local residents are excited about the prospect of building the Central Susquehanna Valley Thruway and so are some state officials, including state transportation secretary Barry Schoch. He was the guest speaker Friday at the Central Pennsylvania and Greater Susquehanna Valley Chambers of Commerce legislative breakfast.

Schoch said, “If we enact something at least the magnitude of Governor Corbett’s plan, you can start thinking about driving on it, because Sandy Tosca and her team are getting ready to go on this thing. If we get the funding associated with Corbett’s plan, we’re going to start developing it, designing it, buying right-of-way, and building the last miles of 11 and 15 from the Maryland line to the New York state line.”

Schoch says the project won’t just benefit the Central Susquehanna Valley, but the entire state. He said, “ It’s important to all of Pennsylvania because it means economic competitiveness when talking about shipping products through the state. There is a lot of delay passing through this region and if we can build this project, it creates trip reliability.” (Ali Stevens)





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