Trees coming down in Lewisburg park

LEWISBURG — The Lewisburg Area Recreation Park is still closed, following the diagnosis of a beetle infestation.  Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority Executive Director Katie Davis announced Friday that the Emerald Ash Borer was discovered on ash trees in the St. Mary’s Street park. Now, Davis says some trees are coming down.


“We have three trees that are being cut down, between yesterday and tomorrow… They will probably be down by tomorrow.  Then we are waiting for the assessment by the borough to decide what to do next,” Davis said.


The beetle feeds on and eventually kills its host, the Ash tree, which Davis says there are over 100 of in the park.  “We are working closely with Lewisburg borough as they are in the process of completing a borough wide inventory on all the Ash trees, to assess each ones health.  We will know more when that is complete.”


Davis said they are lucky for the timing of this discovery, as we are entering into the winter months — a less active time at the park.  The dog park and the ice rink are still open, but the skate park and playground are off limits until the assessment is completed.  (Codi Jade)

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