Two-minute rule triggers argument in Northumberland County

SUNBURY — A rule limiting public comment to two minutes at Northumberland County commissioner meetings triggered an argument yesterday, which resulted in the police being contacted, but two commissioners feel the rule is needed to maintain order.


When Dave Kaleta of Shamokin tried to question Commissioner Vinny Clausi about whether he was involved in illegal activities, Clausi pounded the gavel and told him to sit down, saying he had been given his two minutes to speak. Kaleta still refused the leave, even when confronted by a guard and Sunbury police were called.


WKOK asked Commissioner Stephen Bridy his opinion on the 2-minute rule after the meeting.

Bridy said, “Vinny Clausi is the chairman and he runs the meeting. I think what he is trying to do is rein it in, because it has gone on for hours, allegation after allegation. It’s to no end. And for some of those things to be brought up or discussed, they border on slander.”


Kaleta left the meeting before police arrived, but Sunbury police spoke with the commissioners about the incident and received an audio tape of the meeting. It’s not yet known if charges will be filed against Kaleta for disrupting the meeting. (Ali Stevens)




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