Union: Privatizing liquor not a good idea


HARRISBURG – There are several plans pending in Harrisburg which would privatize the state’s liquor stores. Neither, are a good idea, according to Wendell Young, the head of the state’s local of the United Food and Commercial Workers. In a telephone interview, he told Newsradio 1070 WKOK Friday that the state’s liquor control system is a classic example of trying to fix something that is not broken.


He said the stores, “Provide for safer communities, better outcomes, lots of stories with good selection, and most importantly, benefits all Pennsylvanian’s, because its very profitable over and above all expenses; it delivers hunderds of millions of dollars to the benefit of the taxpayers of Pennsylvania.”


Young described both plans pending in Harrisburg as ‘vague’ and said the proposals are based on ideals and not facts, “When you hear the governor talk or the lieutenant governor Cawley, or their representatives or Mike Turzai (R-28th, Allegheny County) in the legisiature, when you hear them and others say, ‘we believe this, we believe that, we think this, we think that,’ they admit that all their beliefs are based on philosophical ideals.”


Young is president of local 1776 of the UFCW, he says polls show, Pennsylvanians either don’t want the state stores closed, or they are far more worried about other issues. Additionally, he said the state stores currently have 30,000 products for sale, and that’s more than any private business could carry. The union has 3,500 retail workers in the state liquor store system.





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