United Way fundraising campaign continues

SUNBURY – The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way has raised nearly $200,000 during their fundraising period so far, money that will help the local community.  United Way President and CEO Keri Albright says they started asking for contributions earlier than ever this year and are still receiving gracious donations every day.  “We don’t have a financial goal this year,” says Albright.  Our goals are community improvement around six issues.”

Those issues are transportation, quality early childhood programs, diversity, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse and at-risk teens.  Albright says in the six years that they have been raising money for the priorities for impact, there have been measureable results.  “We know how much money we give to each program and then we ask from them to tell us how they are improving lives.  We ask for outcomes reported back to us every six months.  We are holding ourselves accountable and the nonprofits accountable too.”

Earlier this year the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way voted to not release discretionary funding the Susquehanna Council of the Boy Scouts of America.  This followed a national decision by the Boy Scouts of America that openly gay scouts would be accepted a members, but gay adult leaders were not accepted.  Albright says the local board’s decision came with both support and disapproval.

“Unfortunately we have lost several donors that have supported us in the past and for years,” says Albright.  But we have also gained donors that appreciate our attempt at creating equality and access for everyone.”

Albright says they support 33 nonprofits in the community and hope to continue to be able to give them the amount of money needed to make a difference. (Sara Bartlett)




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