United Way to make Boy Scout funding decision

SUNBURY — As the Boy Scouts of America have voted to accept openly gay boy scouts, the United Way is now left with a decision — whether to give the organization funding.  Keri Albright, president and CEO of the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way, says the United  Way will hold a board meeting in June to plan a reaction to the scouts’ new policy.  She says the decision to withhold funding to the Boy Scouts in the first place was not exactly unanimous.


“I think that we just agreed to come to a consensus about this and then vote the consensus.  It wasn’t necessarily reflecting that we don’t have diversity of thought, because there is a lot of diversity of thought on our board.  People are conflicted about it,” she said.  “We had organized a special meeting regarding this issue a few weeks ago, knowing that we would want to talk about it as a board after a decision was made.”


Albright said the United   Way likes to live by its policy of “living united” and they don’t like to make a decision without including the entire board.  She said, “We have a policy that says that those served by our organization will include people from all walks of life — states, races, national origins, sexual orientations.  We measure what we do by our own standards, it really isn’t about other organizations.  I know it feels that way sometimes, but it’s really about: how are we living out our motto?  How are we living united?  Are we being inclusive and are we encouraging inclusivity in all other the programs that we fund?”


Albright was asked to call On The Mark this morning.  You can hear more from her by downloading that program in the OTM Archives. (Codi Jade)


Kerri albright

Kerri albright



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