US Rep. Marino speaks up against Syrian strike plans

HARRISBURG — As the Obama administration tries to build support for a military strike on Syria, one U.S. congressman is not coming around to the idea.  U.S. Congressman Tom Marino (R-10, Cogan Station) questioned Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel at a House meeting Wednesday.

“Who are our allies?  Who are the good guys over there in Syria?  Do you trust these people?  You are making decisions to go into war and put American lives at risk… and if you do not trust, then we do not call these people our allies and support,” Marino said.

Marino said he believes the use of military force “would not bring a peaceful end to the Syrian civil war, remove Assad and his regime from power, or stop the butchery of innocent life.”I continue to oppose any U.S. intervention in Syria and refuse to support legislation that will authorize the use of military force.

“Regardless of the minimization of intervention, an American military personnel will die.  This I cannot accept.  Soldiers coming home deformed and limbless and even in a body bag is not acceptable to me.  Therefore I cannot and will not vote for this intervention in Syria.”

Marino’s remarks were part of an NBC Nightly News report Wednesday.  (Codi Jade)

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