US Senator Casey: Obamacare vs. shutdown

SUNBURY — While some republicans are hoping to stop the government from funding Obamacare, one U.S. senator believes this is one item that should not be compromised.


U.S. Senator Bob Casey appeared on the WKOK Sunrise program today and talked about the current budget impasse, “The evidence is overwhelming that shutting down the government is a bad idea,” he said. “And an even worse idea is allowing us to default on our obligations by not raising the debt ceiling. Which, I think, we’ve raised about 70 times in my lifetime to pay our bills. And the bills that we are paying with this are already obligated.”


Senator Casey said America should be focused on moving forward with the economy and creating jobs, not bickering over a Medicare expansion that has already been promised, “We’re poised for a much stronger economic circumstance,” Casey said.


“We know we’re creating jobs and the economy is moving in the right direction, but we want to be creating, not just 160,000 jobs a month, we want to be creating 200,000 , 220,000 , 230,000, try to get it up to 250,000 or more. That’s what we should be working on. Not having these manufactured crisis because one element of one party wants to make a political statement.”  Casey was a guest on WKOK Sunrise Thursday morning. You can hear more of his comments here. (Codi Jade)






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