VIDEO HERE: Crackdown on DUI and BUI

Crackdown on driving and boating under the influence:

NORTHUMBERLAND — Enforcement of driving and boating under the influence of drugs and alcohol will be stepped up for the holiday week throughout The Valley.

Northumberland County District Attorney Tony Rosini says law enforcement along with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has announced that through Sunday there will be increased DUI and BUI enforcement measures.  “I want to remind drivers and boaters that celebrating Independence Day with family and friends should be an enjoyable time for everyone.  Not a time spent in handcuffs, the hospital, or worse, the morgue.”

Rosini says being impaired does not just include alcohol, but also involves illegal drugs and prescription medication that could impair a driver.

Waterways Conservation Officer Steven Boughter says BUI can be just as, if not more, dangerous than DUI.  “When you are out on a boat there are a lot of physical effects, even if you aren’t drinking.  Just the noise from the engine, the fumes, the sun, the waves; it just physically drains you.  If you add alcohol to that, it is a deadly combination.”

In 2012, Waterways Conservation officers issued over 1,800 citations for boating violations in Pennsylvania.  Sixty arrests were made for BUI.  Between June 29 and July 8, 2012 there were 355 impaired driving crashes, with 20 people losing their lives in Pennsylvania. (Sara Bartlett)






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