VIDEO HERE: Day one of Danville teachers strike

DANVILLE – On a day where most schools are in session, the buildings in the Danville School District are empty.  Thursday was day one of a teacher’s strike after they could not come to a decision with the school board.  Teachers with signs gathered in front of several schools in the district.

They have been working without a contract for two years says Danville Education Association president Dave Fortunato, “We are asking for nothing but what is fair.  We are bargaining and looking at a settlement that is fair and equitable to the district, the taxpayers and the teachers.”

Contract negotiations have fallen flat and Fortunato says they had no choice but to strike.  What do students think?  Lucy Kuziak is a 4th grader at Liberty Valley Elementary School.  “I think the teachers should stop striking because we want a longer summer,” says Kuziak.  “We had a really long winter and we already have a shorter summer because of that.”

Without any agreement, teachers will continue to strike next Tuesday through Friday. (Sara Bartlett)




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