VIDEO HERE: Defense for parks

UNDATED– The Otzinachson group of the Sierra Club met Sunday at Raymond B. Winter State Park.  The Sierra Club is a national organization that deals with environmental issues such as clean air and water and the preservation of wildlife.

Otzinachson group President Jack Miller spoke about the Sierra Club in Pennsylvania saying, ” The national club is divided up into chapters. We have the Pennsylvania chapter and there are about 23,000 members in Pennsylvania, and the state is divided up into groups. We are the local group although we cover a pretty big geographic area, and we have approximately 800 members.”

At the event members took a hike around the park, as well as hearing a presentation from the attorney for the Pennsylvania Environmental Defense Foundation, John Childe.

Childe said, ” In 2012 we issued a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the governors of Pennsylvania, not just Tom Corbett, concerning the leasing of our state forest for gas extraction.”

Childe’s organization has a lawsuit against the governor of Pennsylvania and the Commonwalth  involving the Oil & Gas Lease Fund and the increased reliance on drilling to fund the maintenance of our state parks and forests.  Childe said in 2009-2010 they leased several hundred thousand acres of land for gas drilling.

According to Childe our State forests and parks are in serious risk for Marcellus shale.  Get more information on the Otzinachson group and the Sierra Club here. (Sarah Lagerman)




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