VIDEO HERE: Fort Augusta model to be complete by fall

Groundbreaking for Fort Augusta model:

SUNBURY – Many people may remember the model of Fort Augusta, which stood in Sunbury for nearly 40 years until the 1980’s.  “We would stop by, walk around and look at the little houses.  It was exciting,” says Jinny Treas, who now lives in Shamokin Dam, but is a native of Sunbury.

Once owned by the state, maintenance was neglected on the property and the model was closed.  Now, the Northumberland County Historical Society is bringing the model back, one-sixth the size of the original location, erected in 1756.  “It will include an actual scale replica,” says president of the historical society Scott Heintzelman.  “It will include six of the buildings, all of the stockades, the gating, the walkways, the cannon, and the flagpole.”

It is hoped that reconstructing a new model will bring local visitors and tourists alike to the site on the front lawn of the Hunter House in Sunbury.  “This is very important.  We have loads of great history here in Sunbury and this is one more thing of interest.  It will be great, I’m very excited it is coming back,” says Treas.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the site was held Tuesday and the project is expected to be complete in September or October.  Though the project has already started, there is a fundraising effort underway.  Named “Get Fort-i-fied,” the group is looking to raise $125,000.  The Degenstein Foundation of Sunbury has committed to match the money 100%.

Preston Ross and John Reader of Sunbury restored the models. Baer Wolfe Architects of Sunbury designed the model and Zartman Construction Inc. of Northumberland will begin construction on the site next week. (Sara Bartlett)





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