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DANVILLE — Though she is improving from her critical injuries, 52-year-old Sharon Budd is far from a full recovery.  The Ohio woman was struck by a rock thrown over an overpass of I-80 in White Deer Township.

Budd’s husband Randy Budd says according to doctors, his wife, who remains at Geisinger Medical Center, is out of the life-threatening stage, “They had to remove the right frontal lobe and some of the left also.  She lost the sight of her and the left eye is very swollen.  We haven’t got confirmation from the doctors that she can see out of it, but they are hopeful because some of the muscles are still in place.”

Still, doctors tell the Budd family, they aren’t sure how much of Sharon will return, “The part they removed has everything to do with her personality, her social skills, it really is who Sharon is.  It is just sad that this had to happen because she loves kids, she loves to teach, she is passionate, loves to read.  I just feel so bad for her, she did not deserve this.”

Since the July 10 incident, word has spread about the Budd family and support has been pouring in nationwide, “I never dreamt the support we would get all over the country.  From back home and right here as well…Pennsylvania has rallied.  I have hundreds and hundreds of cards from people locally here, some with no return address or a way to thank them.  That’s warming.”

As for the four teenagers facing charges for the rock-throwing incident, Budd says it is a difficult thing to discuss, being a father of four himself.  But, he says, this was not just a prank, “This was planned.  Multiple rocks were thrown and, to me, that puts it in a whole different category than some kids who just made a bad decision.  I commend the Milton State Police for their work because they were able to find the people responsible for this, and I’m just going to let everyone do their jobs.”

A number of sites are dedicated to help the Budd family, and the hash tag BuddStrong has even started to trend on Facebook and Twitter. (Sara Bartlett)




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