VIDEO HERE: Local cancer foundation starts new fundraising campaign

UNDATED – A local foundation is working to raise $5,000 to help families in The Valley who are battling cancer.  The DJD Fight On Foundation is a nonprofit started after the passing of Derrick Dull, who had leukemia.

His wife Mindy Dull of Lewisburg says the foundation helps carry on her husband’s legacy.  “While Derrick was in the hospital, I was able to stay with him because we had family and friends who were able to provide financial support for us.  We saw so many families who did not have that same support, so Derrick had a mission that he would provide financial help for patients.  Unfortunately he passed away and he wasn’t able to see his dream become reality, but I was able to carry it on.”

The foundation’s newest fundraising campaign is an effort to raise 1,000 donations of $5.00.  “Since it is the five year anniversary of Derrick’s passing, we are looking to raise 1,000 fives for Derrick,” says Dull.  “We talk about how a $5.00 donation is as easy as skipping your morning coffee.  You never know when someone in your life will need the help and support.”

To date, the DJD Fight On Foundation has assisted over 50 local families, donating $171,000 to help with living and medical expenses. (Sara Bartlett)




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