VIDEO HERE: Local soldiers return home

Local soldiers return home:

LEWISBURG – Family members waited for loved ones at the Lewisburg Armory Friday.  Over 200 members of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard arrived to their home armories from Kuwait Friday.  Five were dropped off in Lewisburg, including Sergeant Wesley Bornemann.  “I missed my family and missed my kids.”  Asked what he will do first with his family, Bornemann said, to the delight of his children, “I want to go swimming!”

First Sergeant Michael Schmid has served for 34 years and says deployments are not as difficult for him anymore, but there is plenty of help for new soldiers.  “I was in the first Gulf War and when we came back they had some beer and hot dogs waiting for us off the plane.  Nowadays, we spend an extra week with soldiers talking about benefits, getting back with their families and more.  For the next couple of months we will be keeping up with soldiers who just came back and recently deployed soldiers to make sure they are ok.  I think we are doing a great job, I really do.”

The soldiers had been in Kuwait, mostly on humanitarian missions, for about nine months.  Many also returned to Lock Haven, Williamsport and throughout the state Friday. (Sara Bartlett)





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