VIDEO HERE: Milton Library Book Sale

MILTON—Friends of the Milton Library will be holding their annual book sale. The book sale will be held in the Carriage house behind the public library. All proceeds from the sale go to support the public library.

Both floors of the Carriage house are filled with books and DVDs for sale. Jennifer Haas, board member at the Milton library spoke about what the sale has to offer saying, “We have a variety of books. We have some vintage books, we have gardening, war history, and upstairs we have all fiction sorted by author.”

The book sale also offers religious books, travel and children’s books. Haas also talked about a promotion they are doing this year with cloth bags donated by Furmano Foods. Haas said, “ You buy this bag for $20 and you can get as many books or whatever as you want to get in it.”

Books are also being sold separately ranging from $2.00 per hardback to $1.00 for softback and $0.25-$1.00 for children’s books. The sale will run from Wednesday through Saturday.( Sarah Lagerman)


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