VIDEO HERE: Spotlight on Downtown Lewisburg

LEWISBURG – The work never ends to make Lewisburg a booming downtown.  The Lewisburg Downtown Partnership is launching their 5th campaign and wrapping up a strategic planning process that started last year says Executive Director Linda Sterling.  “We did a lot of research on what the partnership could do to create economic vibrancy.  Moving forward we really want to understand how to shape the downtown rather than just reacting to the forces that occur in it.”

The partnership stays busy working on historic preservation, economic development and promotion of new and existing businesses.  New businesses seem to be popping up in Lewisburg, like clothing store Fusion.  Jennifer Bair is the co-owner.  “Lewisburg is ideal.  It’s renovated, it’s coming back and there is great walkability.”

Sterling says one of the main goals is promoting a sense of working together.  “What we have found is the public responds to kindliness and neighborliness.  That can only be accomplished in each individual business, so they all need to make a commitment to operate under that welcoming atmosphere.”

Sterling says they are excited to soon unveil some of the new initiatives in the downtown and what their campaign involves.  Stay tuned as WKOK features other towns around The Valley. (Sara Bartlett)






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