VIDEO HERE: Spotlight On Downtown Selinsgrove

SELINSGROVE – If you attend the Selinsgrove Market Street Festival this weekend, you may get a sense of a true downtown feel and notice some fairly new businesses around.

Kelsy Clark will soon celebrate the one-year anniversary of her business Pink Pin Up Resale Boutique.  “We sell women’s and junior’s clothing.  We take in clothes, jewelry, accessories and more.  We offer you cash or store credit.  I think it is neat to come downtown because it is one of a kind.  There is no other Pink Pin Up anywhere in the world.”

Veteran business owner Duane DeWire has been cutting hair in Selinsgrove for 32 years, but within the past year and a half opened the barbershop First Class Male.  “The way kids grow up today versus the way I grew up, people don’t use the phrase downtown.  They go to the mall or the store…they just go to.  They don’t go downtown.  I think that is where a lot of people are missing out on an experience.”

Mary Bannon is Selinsgrove Main Street Manager and says the town boasts walkability and a variety of eclectic stores.  “It’s something that large cities are trying to build now,” says Bannon.  There are actually planners who try to build the kind of town that Selinsgrove already is.  It has never lost that charming feel.”

Karl Conrad, Board of Selinsgrove Project Incorporated, says it is no surprise the town has few empty storefronts.  “I think it is the personality of the town.  It is well diverse, we have a lot to offer and we constantly look to grow our businesses and bring people in.

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