VIDEO HERE: Students help clean up community playground

SUNBURY – The Fort Discovery Playground is all ready for the summer season thanks to volunteers in Sunbury.

Students from Sunbury Middle School took two days recently to do some playground beautification says Co-Coordinator of Fort Discovery Fran Zartman, “We come in with the honors kids and the life skills kids from the middle school.  We do mulching and spreading, as well as sealing on the treated lumber.”

Sunbury Middle School student Isabella Best says it is more than just community service, “I think it is really important because people want somewhere nice to go and to take their kids.  It is a nice thing to do and it makes you feel good about your community.”

Maintenance is done annually and costs about $5,000, money that is raised through fundraisers. The Fort Discovery Playground, on North Fourth Street in Sunbury, is open to the public from 9:00a.m.-9:00p.m.  (Sara Bartlett)





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