VIDEO HERE: Tour of WWII plane

Take a look into the C-54 Skymaster:

SELINSGROVE — If you drove by the PennValleyAirport in Selinsgrove last week, you may have noticed a unique plane. Dave Hall, Director of Operations at Heritage Aviation, says the C-54 Skymaster is a “flying museum.”

“This particular airplane is owned by the Berlin Airlift Historical Association and though it was not used in the Berlin Airlift, it has been outfitted and a museum of that timeframe.”

In 1948, the Soviets stopped all ground shipments to West Berlin, so it was planes such as the C-54 that delivered necessities such as fuel, clothing, coal and more.

Inside the plane are pictures, documentation, and mementos from the World War II era.  The plane was at Penn Valley Airport in Selinsgrove for a week.  (Sara Bartlett)


plane video



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