VIDEO HERE: Snyder County’s forgotten gem

Faylor Lake:



BEAVER SPRINGS – Tucked away in Beaver Springs is Faylor Lake, what many call Snyder County’s forgotten gem.  The Snyder County Commissioners are promoting the county-owned land by taking a walk Sunday.

Commissioners Joe Kantz, Peggy Chamberlain Roup and Malcolm Derk will be walking the new 1.9-mile nature trail and all invited everyone to join them.  “Meet us at the parking lot at 2:00p.m. and we will embark on our walk,” says Kantz.

Kantz says Faylor Lake is a 140-acre area, which boasts great fishing, bird watching, hiking and more.  “I have seen probably 20 varieties of fish and birds there.  There has only been one time I have been out there and not seen a Bald Eagle.  I recommend bringing your camera.”

Faylor Lake is located on Mattern Road.  Get there by taking Route 522 to Beaver Springs and Route 235 North of Mattern Road.  You can meet the commissioners at 2:00p.m. Sunday, the rain date is next Sunday, July 28. (Sara Bartlett)





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