Warmer weather means it is garden time

UNDATED – Spring officially begins next week and as temperatures warm up it is time to think about lawn care.  Evan Dresser of Shaffer Landscape in Middleburg says you can start by assessing damage to evergreens caused by snow and ice.  “You can check for some damage and then get sharp pruners to prune the damaged branches out.  That will let the light reach the inside of the plant and allow for new growth.”

If you do begin pruning, Dresser says use caution.  “What you want to be careful of is that you don’t prune anything that already has buds on them, because then you will wind up with no flowers.”

Dresser says now is the time you can start to edge your plant beds and spread mulch.  He says piling too much mulch around a plant may suffocate the roots, so a thin layer is best.

Shaffer Landscape will be one of dozens of lawn and garden care specialists at Sunbury Broadcasting Corporation’s Landscape and Garden Showcase, which begins April 12 at the Susquehanna Valley Mall. (Sara Bartlett)




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