‘Warmline,’ not a ‘hotline’ for mental health services

DANVILLE– For local consumers of mental health services, the CMSU mental health department is now offering a ‘warmline.’  They say — if you are looking for someone to talk to or need help dealing with mental health issues, CMSU’s warmline may be able to help.


Mary Kelly spoke at a recent National Alliance on Mental Illness conference inDanvilleabout the warmline available in The Valley.  She says they don’t take crisis calls, but help people with problem solving or just those who need someone to talk to.  She says a group of people alternate taking the calls Friday through Sunday evenings.


Kelly said, “Right now we could use all the help we can get.  Some of the people that need or want to call, they often say they will call again, because they have gotten a lot of support or help from the people they have talked to.”


They are staying busy taking calls and could always use more help.  To find out more about  the warm line at www.cmsu.org.  The warm line number is 1-800-284-6979.  (Ali Stevens)



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