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SUNBURY — With warmer weather comes boating season and water enthusiasts will enjoy a May to October season along Lake Augusta.  During a public address Thursday, State Representative Lynda Schlegal-Culver (R-108, Sunbury) says The Valley is lucky to have such a great asset.

“We are blessed to have the Shikellamy State Park complex.  The amount of people visiting, shopping, eating in the area, and using our beautiful river is amazing.  I know when we shorten the season, even by a little bit, people get very upset.  They have an investment in their boats and want to get that full investment on the river.”

Schlegal-Culver was joined by former ShikellamyState Park manager Frank Nanna Thursday to talk about the future of the marina.   Schlegal-Culver says following significant flooding two years ago, it is important to make sure residents know flood efforts, including the bags that make the Adam T. Bower Memorial Dam, are safe.

“When we get into a flooding situation we start to deflate them [the bags] just so we don’t flood anyone.  If we took them down immediately, we would flood everyone downstream.  Two years ago, we had a gentleman call and say he would shoot the bags if we did not do something.  That’s when we decided to partner together to make sure the public was fully aware of how the bags work and what they are made of.  We have quelled many concerns, but we are always looking to educate people on what is in their backyard.”

Many boaters have been discouraged the last two years with the season shortened by bad weather and construction.  This year, a full boating season is anticipated and is scheduled to begin May 24. (Sara Bartlett)

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