West Nile Virus in The Valley

NORTHUMBERLAND — Infected mosquitoes are getting closer — the first case of West Nile Virus in The Valley has popped up in Northumberland County. The Pennsylvania West Nile Control Program announced Thursday that a mosquito sample in the borough of Northumberland tested positive for the virus.


While the program team has been spraying for the virus across the state, they also hope folks will take personal precautions against the virus. Mosquitoes breed in wet environments, so you should dispose of, clean and turn over any water-holding containers — including cans, tires, clogged roof gutters and wheelbarrows. Officials also advise preventing mosquito bites with spray and long sleeves.


You can find more tips and information on West Nile Virus at http://www.westnile.state.pa.us/action.htm. The PA West Nile Control Program is a joint effort between the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Health and the Department of Agriculture. (Codi Jade)





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