What happens to your tree after the holidays?

SUNBURY — As the holiday season has come to an end, it may be time to take down that Christmas tree.  While many people hate to take the ornaments off and say goodbye to their evergreen, several valley boroughs are making sure your tree is put to good use.

Cheryl Delsite, of the Sunbury City Clerk’s Office, explained how the process works.  She said, “residents of Sunbury put their trees out on the curb.  Our city crew has a couple days to go around and collect them.  They take them up to our brush pile and grind them up for mulch.”

The city makes the mulch with a tub grinder they received through a grant.  Delsite said after the trees are put through the grinder they need to cure for 6 months.  After that, the city holds a free mulch giveaway in late May or early June.

She said the tree collection in Sunbury has already begun and will continue throughout the next week.  If residents miss the city pickup, they are welcome to drop their tree off at the brush pile on Saturdays from 7:30a.m. to noon.

Meanwhile, similar collections are happening throughout the Valley.  East Buffalo Township Manager Stacey Kifolo said their tree pickup runs from January 7 through the 18.  (Codi Jade)



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