Why Union County opted out of a regional transportation study

LEWISBURG – Although some area counties are taking part in a regional transportation study, Union County has opted out of participating. The study would look at transportation needs that are unmet in the region. Union County Commissioner Preston Boop says they decided as a board not to get involved.


Boop said, “First off, I as commissioner participated in two transportation studies that are similar or maybe a little bit different than this. I’m to the point where I guess I am studied out. Personally, I think we have had enough studies done.”


Boop said the decision was based on resources. He said, “Regional transportation is a great idea. There are people who could utilize that. The bottom line is we don’t have enough money for all the good ideas. My personal position is that we should concentrate our efforts on things that we can accomplish and things that we can afford to accomplish. We should stay focused where we need to stay focused rather than scattering ourselves wide and then not be able to do a good job at other things.”


Boop and the other Union County Commissioners were guests on WKOK’s Tuesday On The Mark program talking about a number of topics. You can hear their comments online at www.wkok.com. (Ali Stevens)




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