Will there be a new K-9 in Sunbury?

SUNBURY – Following the passing of Sunbury’s K-9 named Brecken, the Mayor of Sunbury will now work with Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo to determine if another K-9 will be placed with the police department. Sunbury Mayor David Persing tells us a new K-9 could cost anywhere between $10 to $15,000 and currently, he believes there is only about $7,000 available in the city budget.


Also, he is not sure if Brecken’s handler, Officer Scott Hause, would be interested in handling another K-9, since he is the one certified to do so. He says he will talk with Hause about his interest.


Persing does believe having a K-9 in the city was beneficial and if it is feasible, he would support it. Persing says they hope to have a discussion on the matter soon and a decision sometime in June.


Brecken was a 2-year-old german shepard. Police say the dog died of natural causes at Officer Hause’s home. (Ali Stevens)




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