Yoga can help those with cancer

LEWISBURG – A specialized yoga class is now available for those being treated for cancer. Vivienne Vidunas of Mifflinburg discovered she had breast cancer and says yoga helped in a number of ways.


Vidunas said, “I was diagnosed with cancer about two years ago. From that initial abnormal mammogram, there is that sense of anxiety. It just so happened to coincide with when I personally went to the Yoga Center. I used yoga to help me through the process of the diagnosis, going through the testing phases, I used the breathing techniques, and then I continued to go to yoga.”


Vidunas decided she wanted to help others with cancer. She said, “I realized how much it helped me, both physically, as well as emotionally and the support system. I thought if it helped me it’s got to help others, so I went to a special yoga for cancer training.”



The Yoga for Cancer class is now available at the Integral Yoga Center in New Berlin. Vidunas says some of the benefits for cancer patients include building bone strength, increasing muscle tone, helping the immune system and returning flexibility to areas compromised through surgery or radiation. You can find out more at their website You can hear more from Vidunas from WKOK’s Sunrise program online at  (Ali Stevens)




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