Sunbury poet writes about her hometown

UNDATED — Published local poet Melanie Simms will be reading some of her works this week in Bloomsburg.  Among them, Simms will read her poem titled “Sunbury.”  Simms is from California, but has lived in The Valley for 10 years, most recently living in Sunbury.  She says The Valley inspires her poetry.

Simms is working on a creative writing degree at Bloomsburg University.  She has a published book of poems titled “Waking the Muse.”  Simms will read her poems including “Sunbury” Thursday, 7:30p.m. at the Bloomsburg Public Library and Saturday from 2:00p.m.-5:00p.m. at the Moose Exchange in Bloomsburg. (Sara Bartlett)

Here is her Sunbury poem:


By Melanie Simms

These are the recollections of an old town

Where streets are encumbered with uneven pavements

And small businesses face uncertain economies

Yet it is here, in the midst of faces, hardened by poverty

That the rich tones and memorable notes

Of Sunbury must be remembered; the Susquehanna River

Shifting alongside her shore,

As lithe boats flit across iridescent waves, and

An old grey wall stands sentinel,

Offering testament to the tales of a great flood.


It is here, where the moans of the daily trains chug along the old tracks

And the air, electrified with the past, still echoes the librettos of Lorenzo Da Ponte.

This is where you breathe the daily Market Street aroma of the “Squeeze In”

Where even now one can feast on hotdogs, chips and salsa for a beggar’s fee,

While enjoying its notoriety for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records

For its smallness.


There are other memories, not to be forgotten; a certain Hotel Edison,

Whose ghosts whisper of a time when Edison arrived, searching for new

Methods of light, and photos, still clinging to the hotel lobby walls

Depict an image of a little ghost boy, still mesmerizing guests and reminding

Us that even in the fires of regret one can still arise victorious.




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