Williamsport Mayor installs natural gas station at home

WILLIAMSPORT — One local mayor is supporting the natural gas industry in his own way.  Williamsport Mayor Gabe Campana says he recently purchased a Honda Civic GX which runs on compressed natural gas.

The problem is fueling stations are few and far between in this area, so Campana came up with a solution.  Campana says he added a natural gas filling station at his home.  He says a gallon is far cheaper than gas at $1.50.  He says it is clean and it is “pro-United States.”

Campana says he has natural gas in his home and recently installed a slow fill natural gas station at his home for about $7,000.  It takes 8-10 hours to fill his car and a full tank can take him about 250 miles.

Campana believes Williamsport is on the cutting edge of technology.  The city will soon be home to a public and private compressed natural gas station.  They plan to run a fleet of buses on natural gas. (Sara Bartlett)



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